Mariupol Madrigal

March 20, 2022

in this equidistant moment

between azure stretched

lucent taut


and yellow veils

flecked with the nodding

of sunflowered



wetting blood-washed earth

ears of wheat straining

to catch sun-kissed notes

the nightingale’s quiet song

of spring

of hope


august us

September 5, 2021

summer recedes through angles

of new feathers

a fading away of

purple martins

a gust of

downwardspiralling leaves

like the dry flakes

of early snow

ecce il segno

harvested hopes : fall

in layers of days

time waiting to


colliding scope

August 30, 2021

shape and form convince me

grey whales: shards in motion

the swells of water gently colliding

within frames of wild formality

a run of colours replacing sand

a certain ratio obtained

in smoothed angles and edges

words unuttered strive to emulate

physics but melt and fall into

the heraclitean flow

then I glimpse a gull

wheeling unconstrained

in mid-song.