Sant Cugat Valley

August 6, 2009

(some thoughts you can read in the time it takes to drink an expresso)

Sant Cugat is a town that’s going places. It’s not just a town, it’s the whole surrounding area. It’s not just a name, it’s a feeling. I think there’s a strong sense of belonging here – you’re glad to be living here, you’re happy to work here. Why? The wide open spaces? The green zones? Lots of people like you live and work here? I believe much of it is intangible – something you feel, but not easy to name. I sometimes have the feeling Sant Cugat’s a great big campus. And campuses are places where people learn, talk, communicate, share knowledge, succeed, create, innovate, make friends, make choices, pull together in a group. A society. A family. Let’s be proud of who we are, who we know and where we are and where we’re going. Welcome to the Valley!

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