Ex-pat in CAT: Never mind the ‘bolets’

October 10, 2009

Once again the mushroom picking season is upon us and keen mushroom hunters are dusting off their knives and baskets and setting their Tom Toms, ready to set out in search of their ‘precious’. Here in Catalonia there’s an almost religious fervour when it comes to mushrooms. When I tell people I don’t really like them, I’m met with stunned expressions. How can you live in Catalonia and not like mushrooms? Heresy! In English we tend to use the all-embracing term ‘mushroom’, but in Catalan each variety has its own rich, earthy name. One of the most popular is ‘rovello’, which in English is… ‘an edible kind of mushroom’. You see what I’m getting at? You simply have to admire the whole culture of it – the enthusiasm is catching.

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