Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

December 5, 2009

AGB* is old hat. ADSL is king. Who would dare to live without it as we’re about to start twentyten. That band is way too broad to be given up lightly. Watching the latest film releases, finding a job, reading the newspapers, doing research, listening to music, putting together a photo album, shopping, selling, calling friends & family. The sky(pe)’s the limit! But, hang on a sec…. We don’t need the internet to do any of this stuff, right? Point taken, but I guess human nature 2.0 gravitates towards concentration, reduction. The more things you can do in/from one place, the better. Having said that, it’s good to take a risk now & again just to feel the thrill, that safety-Net-less adrenaline rush of not switching on the router. Are you up for it?

* Alexander Graham Bell.

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