Biz Haiku VI

May 9, 2010

Rising oil price eats
into recovery’s green shoots
hope gets up and leaves.

Iceland lets off steam
and kicks ash as Holland and
UK suffer fallout.

SEC’s in the City!
Fabulous Fab gets nabbed in
Goldman Sucks(sic) scandal

the name’s bond, junk bond
all HELL breaks loose AS ratings
agencies get moody.
Detroit turnaround:
‘Government’ Motors and Ford
are back in the black.

Have you Hurd the news?
HP set to upset Applecart
with Palm buy and Slate.

BP’s oil spill woes
swell and share price sinks as clean-
up op goes awry.

Harrod’s changes hands
heads east as Qatar snaps it up
for a princely sum.

cash cow in days gone
by, UK & NL investors
now get … ash, ow!

Paulson, John not Hank, makes a
haul in subprime fraud.

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