October 20, 2010

I wore your tattoo inside me.

The axe’s arc cuts winter’s canvas.

My life moves in stop motion.

Tears shed in joy. Rainbow smile.

Plastercast on my broken heart. Waiting.

My heart dispenses love. Insert coin.

Key no longer fits your lock.

From Fetusbook to Facebook. Funeral book.

Social media harassment. I unfriended him.

The last straw. I unfollowed her.

Curtain closes on summer. Autumn glimpsed.

Cool stone. Warm sun. Whispering cypress.

Moonlight bathed my upturned face. Fulfilment.

Car headlights cut through curling fog.

Elated. Beneath your armour, incomparable softness.

Walking through the surf. Mind clear.

Eyes closed. Mind open. Imagination soars.

Leave your misconceptions on my doorstep.

Climbing the hill of my insecurity.

United93 fear doubt courage hope sacrifice.

Rain outside. Tears on my windowpane.

Cut my finger on your tongue.

Earth stands still; my mind races.

In fetal position / returning to womb

Wooden chopping board – so much violence.

Summer armwrestles Autumn. Summer’s arm Fall(s).

Her smile was infectious. I succumbed.

Liquid silver lake. Full moon overhead.

No time to waste. Laptop dinner.

Curtains billowing, passing car, sound receding.

Bloated moon gorged on twilit feast.

Pine needled forest floor my bed.

Unfulfilled dreams fluttering in the breeze.

Earth sags beneath our wonderful weight.

Skimming stones across moonlight licked lake.

Scarf so tight I stopped breathing.

Alpha omega. All Greek to me.

Under the stone wealth of life.

I hug a memory of you.

Frost filigree on my window pane.

Hushed deserted streets help me breathe.

Two bodies interlocked / key thrown away

Wind lashing / clouds scudding / me laughing.

Twilight – day converges with night – dusk.

Real mermaids? A pinch of seasalt.

Crashing silence, blinding darkness, all alone.

Pipes underground take away my tears.

Lift me up / let me go.

Maggot infested carcass / Earth takes back.

Earth’s pulse pounds through my body.

Earth stands still. My mind quakes.

Back braced for what comes next.

Back against stump. Axe on lap.

Warmth grudgingly suffuses the Windy City.

Protons / neutrons / electrons / quarks / me / you

Sun sets in a farewell blaze.

His silence was deafening. She withdrew.

Candle burning bright in my darkness.

Shoals of fish in ocean depths.

Manatee, safe up on the rock.

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