Garden full of fireflies.

November 28, 2010

(some poems written over the last few months inspired by other writers’ work, musings or even avatar picture!)

Dawn’s rays
refract your words
through stained glass windows.


Down in NM
Dragon sheds his scales,
now canis latrans
a loping silhouette
barking at the moon.


Sun’s last gasp
moon muscles in:
Twin Cities twilight.


Wind coming off Lake Michigan
carries off
unwanted words
unsaid words;
calm in its wake.


the sound and the fury
your voice
is heard
by us.

(@HikiMadwoman )

Frolicking in foam,
waves of water skip and slide
in the ocean’s playground.


I wander through your
poetry orchard; apples
shiny-skinned and sweet.


On stained glass wings
the dragonfly hovers above
a lonely lakeshore.


Behind her mask
lies a generous heart
too big to hide.


Sticking stars
on night’s
velvet velcro.


Laptop’s humming battery
keeps me warm
on cold


thick and sweet
like treacle.


Life’s quick rainbow
refracted in Jem’s
gems of wisdom.


Trees lean forward
boughs spread
leaves dance
like feathers
on a bird.


Plums have so much
to teach
hard skin on the outside
soft and juicy inside
pithy stone.


Albany bathed in
Autumn’s glow
sea of auburn,
earthen flames rippling.


Naked scarecrow
slinks away
the yellow (leaf-strewn)
brick road.

(@CoyoteSings when he was Dragonsatva)

Loping purposefully,
thumbnail moon in its eyes, cool
desert sand shifting.


3 a.m. – dog brushes past her legs
she lifts her gaze from Mac’s glow
bear in her backyard.


2 Responses to “Garden full of fireflies.”

  1. Heather said

    What a great collection! I’m honored to be a part of it. 🙂

  2. I was taken aback when I saw this collection. Thankyou very much, Peter, for including me in this group of fine poets. Namasté, poet.

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