I whisper her name in small caps.

December 5, 2010

Poetry is my voice
your ear
close to my lips.

A sheet of air
between our cheeks
I scream GO in my head,
whisper it
in her ear.

I know
my words
cut you deep –
let me lick
your wound.

mathematical formulae
with eyeliner
on her body;
I run out of skin.

I take her lipstick,
gently paint her body
her mouth.
I kiss that.

We stopped being friends
when I came
inside you.

I want to
learn from you
but first
I need to

Wild strawberries
behind nettles,
loving you
is so
painfully sweet.

The tide goes out
your name
is still there.

To stay awake
I lick coffee
from your lips.

If you give me your hand
will I know
what to do?

Oblivious to time’s rampant march
his mouth glided
over honey sweet lips
she shuddered.

You wash all over me
I try to ride your wave:
I slow dive into your depths.

Hot candle wax cools,
love’s passion spent.

You set aright
a photograph
I had left face down;
I know you still
have feelings for me.

Listening to
her breathing
as she lies next to me
I hear the

I put my ear
to her mouth
and hear the ocean,
spray in my hair,
salt on my lips.

Sun dips,
in its warm rays
her skin
sand blasted smooth,
her sex a desert rose.
I touch it,
tracing its folds,
cupping its petals,
breathing it in
drinking it in
drinking her in.

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