Garden gate.

December 13, 2010

The following is a series of short poems, some pseudo-philosophical, others just a bit of fun, inspired by the image, the idea of a ‘garden gate’. A couple of fine poet friends, @ChrisTwitery and @amoz1939, have graciously contributed a few of their own musings…
* * * *

My garden gate
is well-oiled
but scrapes the stones.

The garden gate
banged shut;
no wind.

Even the garden gate
in the wind.

Crickets on the gate
wait for someone to come in
whee! getting free swings.

In spring
my garden gate
is busy.

The garden gate
is always closed
in winter.

Two old crows sitting
on the rusty garden gate
swinging to and fro.

Rusty garden gate
early in the morning light
crows drinking latte.

Lulu arches her back
she purrs and rubs against
the old garden gate.

Tired white butterfly
rests on rusty iron fence
by the garden gate.

Crickets having Earl grey
with a white butterfly chatting
on the garden gate.

The garden gate
lets in
and keeps in.

The garden gate
slammed shut.

My garden gate has many latches
but you opened
all of them.

Through the window
he looks at the old garden gate
for a while
and then wheels back
into the kitchen.

The garden gate
swings gently
on its new hinges.

2 Responses to “Garden gate.”

  1. dani said

    Lovely! (I adore the poetry of @Amoz2939 & @ChrisTwitery as well as yours.) I especially liked ~

    “The garden gate
    slammed shut”

    she came unhinged
    slammed her heart shut
    and locked the gate
    alone again

  2. A charming and eclectic collection…”through the window” struck a chord.

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