Whorefrost: Winter’s Power / White Beauty.

December 19, 2010

Snow’s flakes
on my outstretched hand
but do not

Winter’s throat
thick with snow
coughs up white.

Naked trees
winter’s light.

still life.

I walk down
a lonely
moonlit street
with winter’s hands
in my pockets.

Snowflakes in my eyes
I see winter
in shades of white.

Winter’s core
is warm
and breathes softly.

With a steady hand
I open
the first window
of your
advent calendar.

Winter music
you dance across
my frozen eyes.

Icicles drip
salty tears
near the ocean.

I snap off an icicle
and plunge it
into my snowman heart.

Winter weeps sleet
and snow’s light

Snow’s weight
flake upon flake
presses down.

Winter solstice sun
flares, flickers
and dies.

on headlights
never melts.

Frost on my windowsill
moths spar with the
candle flame.

A midwinter night’s dream –
take my hand
walk with me.

Snowflakes fall
in random patterns
like thoughts.

Snow drifts
in beautiful shapes
and forms.

Snow falls
settles on her broken heart
a plastercast of
winter’s healing

White fire
licks the ice
but does not burn.

Snow hides
and weight.

In a snowflake flurry
I walk whiteblind
snow melting in my eyes
cold heat
white fire passion
flame-licked mind
I stamp my foot
shattering ice
bend down and
dig out a body of earth.
I straighten
look across
the flat sky and
begin to walk
into the west
into the white
at the violet hour
to dissolve
to become one
with you.

6 Responses to “Whorefrost: Winter’s Power / White Beauty.”

  1. A wonderful series, Peter: at times chilling, at times very warm. I love the icicle in the snowman’s heart and the moths on the windowsill…and the long piece is alternately forlorn and hopeful: beautiful.

  2. Reading this, I can feel the winter in you. Namasté, my brother.

  3. I love this:
    With a steady hand
    I open
    the first window
    of your
    advent calendar.

  4. dani said

    I love the entire series, Peter. Especially that you are describing winter from so many different perspectives. My absolute favorite though ~

    “Winter’s core
    is warm
    and breathes softly.”


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