Seven plus four equals thirty-nine.

January 16, 2011

Thirty nine Januarys
make half a life
and I grieve
because I know
that one day
I won’t be there for you.
I watch you through
tear-blurred eyes
your faces mirrors of me
soft skin
upturned faces
I bathe in your glow
melt in your embrace.
Four small uplifted arms
I reach down and
gather you up
but will my arms
always be strong enough
to pick you up?
Four years old –
a tiny body
holding such a big
seven years old
I see my future happiness
in what you will become –
I see my future in you
and I will make
your names sing
on my tongue
my voice will never falter.
Seven plus four
doesn’t make thirty nine
but it adds up
…to me.

3 Responses to “Seven plus four equals thirty-nine.”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by George Pappas. George Pappas said: RT @myearthgirl: RT @expatinCAT: Blog Updated: *Seven plus four equals thirty-nine*… […]

  2. dani said

    Beautiful, Peter. The feelings never go away but, indeed, get stronger. ♥

  3. Sulthana said

    Aww that is so poignant, makes me feel all aglow. It tells me why people have kids despite the trials they’ll go through – I’m guessing feelings/ moments like these make everything worth it.

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