Pine, plum and bamboo.

January 19, 2011

(Pine, plum and bamboo… the three friends of winter. The following are some haiku inspired by Chinese painting…)

Pine, plum and bamboo
the cold New Year’s

Ink splashed
on paper..

Fish and rocks
change places
in moving water.

Beneath a weeping willow
a horse
washed by tears.

Chinese characters
scroll down
a faded paper sky.

Yellow moon
flowering plum.

Bamboo groves
in soft rain.

A red sun
above white mountains.

Mountain peaks
tree tops
in drifting clouds.


The mist lifts..
cranes above
a shrine.

Mountains fall
like water
into rivers.

She unfolds
a garden rock and red flowers..
and fans herself.

Mist clears…
a shrine.

3 Responses to “Pine, plum and bamboo.”

  1. I love how the minimalist nature of your haiku compliment the vast minimalism of the art: the words fill in the negative space. Bravo.

  2. dani said

    Beautiful…. and stunning ~

    “Mountains fall
    like water
    into rivers.”

  3. Congratulations! The poems really are extravagant in their simple clarity.

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