Three Hours

February 9, 2011

Night and day
I am sucked
along cold steel
corridors –
but with gleaming
that I pull on
with fingers slipping
from a sweat
of despair;
eyes wet
a future now
barely glimpsed
my mouth slack
fists unclenched
mind treading air
like water
in a sea of uncertainty.
I squeeze my chest
with the force
of her meaning
and breath issues
my mouth
punching still air
her name
on my
kissed lips.

(Entry for One Shot Wednesday)

12 Responses to “Three Hours”

  1. heck yeah…this is bam bam…i like the opening…i got sucked right along…great pace…great piece..

  2. Gloria said

    This is excellent. I especially love the lines, “mind treading air//like water//in a sea of uncertainty”

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gloria Bostic and Leslie Moon, Peter . Peter said: Blog Updated with *Three Hours* at …#OneShotWednesday […]

  4. siubhan said

    i like your short lines and the way this poem takes me somewhere completely unexpected from where it starts. “I squeeze my chest
    with the force
    of her meaning…”


  5. Cynthia said

    O.o, i like this peter . it is very nice

  6. Jade said

    Love this poem.. the beginning drew me in and the end is especially powerful. Painful moments- uncertainty and betrayal- can be inspiring subjects.

  7. Shashi said

    Ahh!!! I liked it so much.. it is so emotive and powerful.. thanks

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  8. dani said

    “her name
    on my
    kissed lips.”

    This is a fabulous poem. Love it!

  9. This poem leaves me feeling sad. 😦 Like I imagine meeting someone and them seeming to be absolutely perfect in the first hour and things are going well on into the second hour and in the third hour it all begins to fall apart. Like a wrong turn. Wonderful poem, Peter. I wish you would tell me what it is about. =)

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