I share the sky with you

February 28, 2011

In an open field
I pull down the night sky
and wrap it around me.

The sky un-paints itself
as twilight
takes hold.

Twilight’s fingers
zip up
day’s light.

Clouds drift
like snow
against blue walls.

Star-strewn canvas
I only see the patterns
..the brushstrokes..
when I close
my eyes.

On tiptoes I reach up
to touch a vapour trail
to take me
to you
half a sky away.

Pockets full of stars
I hold up my hands
to the night sky.

Polaroid sky
the clouds are still

Slate sky
chalk clouds
dust in my hair.

The unbearable beauty
of the blue sky

I make a wish
look up at the sky
and blow out the stars.

Sticking stars
on night’s
velvet velcro.

Church steeples
a lowering sky.

Hole in the night sky
stoppered by
a full moon.

Tear-streaked sky
March rain
tastes salty
on my

4 Responses to “I share the sky with you”

  1. dani said

    wow, Peter! these are among my very favorite of all of your amazing poems. stunning!

  2. beezknez said

    lovely rythmetics to your writing < if lol what i wrote then is such a word this word comes to my mind when i read your poetry visual emotion like music The Unbearable Beauty are awesome words too.. thankq will buzz around now and sit and read Beez 🙂

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  4. Peter you are purely exquisite. I love reading these all about the sky but each one a different variety!

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