She stands bold; I lean

March 15, 2011

The following sequence is the fruit of collaboration between Olivia Dresher ( and myself.
Olivia provided the bold fragments and aphorisms.
I leaned in and responded with short poems.

Love = roots and wings.

deeply rooted
takes wing.

When roots fall in love with wings…

Rooted in the earth
my eyes fly
to you

Love, loss, and longing. A trinity too big to contain.

The L’s overlap
delicately layered
on top of the other
like us.

The wind in G minor. The rain in A major.

in A minor
empty shot glass.

Tonight, the rain is my lover.

Shower me with kisses

She tastes more than she looks; he watches more than he sees.

Eyes and tongue
she tastes my look
I read her kisses.

Roll the words around in your mouth, taste the thoughts and feelings.

My mind is heavy
on your flow
of words.

Mutual love is a transfusion.

Beating blood pumps
from us into us

When silence screams and words whisper.

Your words scream at my eyes
the thud
of my heart.

An edge of sweetness in longing, an edge of unkindness in desire.

Yearning softens
the heart
rides roughshod.

Sorrow is time under water.

Time unfathomed
wet with tears
drowning in distance.

Her scars are her clothes, her wounds her words.

She sheds her scars
proud of her wounds
naked beauty.

(OneShotWednesday week 37)

14 Responses to “She stands bold; I lean”

  1. moondustwriter said

    A delightful collaboration. I hope you two do more.
    each micro poem fits into the next
    My favorite ( I think) were the overlapping L’s

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

  2. brian said

    love the call and response of this…to be naked and unashamed…i like…

  3. poemblaze said

    Enjoyed seeing these gathered together!

  4. Jacqueline Dick said

    An edge of sweetness … edge of unkindness…I love that… How difficult was that to do? Words have an ease..but couldn’t be that easy. Sweet/sexy/yearning poem…

  5. lori said

    Very interesting what you’ve done together 🙂 Liked this part:

    “Roll the words around in your mouth, taste the thoughts and feelings.

    My mind is heavy
    on your flow
    of words.”

  6. There is a flowing, co -existing, co-fulfilling quality here. A “headline” and the bowels of it so to speak. Very delicate and pleasing work. Very emotional and artful too. No cliches, no un-necessary “pit stops”. Exquisite

  7. dani said

    brilliant collaboration! your poetry is always stunning, Peter, and every poem blends perfectly with Olivia’s lines.

  8. You work so well together. This made for compelling seductive reading from beginning to end, and the transitions in your voices was seamless.

  9. This is beautiful beyond words. The call and response is aching.

  10. Shashi said

    Hi Peter

    A great and beautiful collaboration.. perfect ten.
    Liked all of them and the almost poetic continuity of it all.. Thanks for sharing this…

    ॐ शांति ॐ
    Om Shanti Om
    May peace be… pray for People of Japan
    Connect me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  11. A~Lotus said

    Simply and delightfully beautiful–what a collaboration! Glad I found this through Twitter! 🙂

  12. You & Olivia are both stunning poets. Love the collaboration, I demand more!

    • petertwo.oh said

      You never know! Olivia and I might collaborate again…there is a wonderful creativity in these kinds of collaborations.

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