March 23, 2011

Synapses flare..
your beauty
marble smooth
cuts my closed
snow falls through
lingers longingly
melts into
hot white noise
your words
flood me
soundless syllables
surround me
against my mind
a foam-flecked shore;
I surrender
thoughts released
in breath-sucked submission
and I spill
my life blood

(OneShotWednesday week 38)

8 Responses to “White.”

  1. brian said

    you set a wicked pace with the short lines leading up to the crescendo…glad you spilled today…you got me racing…

  2. I like the imagery here, rich…

    …rob kistner
    Image & Verse

  3. h0ll0wd0ll said

    Breathtaking intensity.

  4. marousia said

    Wow – so simple and rich *bows to greatness*

  5. Very beautiful Pete.
    a gorgeous write.

  6. siubhan said

    I love how you engage several senses at once, leading up to that sharp expectancy at the end– intense indeed.

  7. Lovely simplicity, expressing deeper more complex ‘things’ – I feel this can be read on a number of levels, and I don’t know exactly why, but I also got a sense of yearning, a gaining and a losing simultaneously…hmmm

  8. Very intricate detail in your writing.

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