Caravaggio/Chiaroscuro – Darkness Visible.

April 5, 2011

A series of short poems based on paintings by Caravaggio…

Flesh revealed against black
a hand holds a shock
of dark,
a look severed from life
by youth.

Dark blade
obsidian blood
melancholy light
moves across the canvas
in chiaroscuro.

Canvas-stretched stigmata
oil pigments

A still life
of knowledge
paperweight skull
balancing earnest study
in cardinal red robes.

The sword poised
still unbloodied
a hand stretched skywards
the palm to palm
of martyrdom.

Leaning over
a moving stream
a reflection enamours
a feeling
flower frozen.

Painted flesh
emerges from blackness
sculptured texture
St. Peter falls

Wounded by passion
I bleed words…
my stigmata.

(One Shot Wednesday week 40)

11 Responses to “Caravaggio/Chiaroscuro – Darkness Visible.”

  1. dustus said

    Perhaps my favorite painter of all time. I marvel over his creativity and the dramatic intensity of his compositions. Enjoyed your poetic homage.

  2. Hi! first time coming here, & really like what I’ve read… each short poem was just as strong & great as the other… well done!

  3. poemblaze said

    Great small shards of poetry!

  4. marousia said

    Stunning poem – so sharp like the light and shadows in chiaroscuro.

  5. brian said

    nice each of these a gem but the second shines brightest for me…

  6. excellent…really excellent….each was a great read..cheers pete

  7. Eric said

    Great pairings – words with paintings!

  8. OK – I don’t usually do this but I feel I’ve met a kindred spirit. I have a story that centers around Artemesia Gentilischi, Caravaggio and a Florentian art critic that you and your readers might enjoy. It’s in my book “Here & Abroad” just out with Cervena Barva press or e mail me: and I’ll mail you a word file : )
    love the poetry *shards* – love that word/concept

  9. Lovely! Peter – I like how each stands alone on its own merit, but is part of the complete work; there is flow that is generated between these parts, & at the macro level, a weaving, an inter-relationship expressed with the paintings, both individually, and as a unified work of words.

  10. john said

    image and word balance and strengthen each one’s intensity

  11. There is such a sophistication about your poetry, Peter. Your poetic descriptions of art are stunning.

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