Cypress Sighs

June 7, 2011

No weeping willows
shedding dappled tears
onto subdued ground.

Quarried marble
sunken stones
wrought by hands
of ashen flesh and blood
thudding pulse
pushing up
into a living sky
untouched tapestry
pushing down
into this mortal coil
anchoring the dead
in the present.

Only cypresses
many popes ago
saplings six feet over
now filtering
the slanting sun
the long majestic fuck
of afternoon light
and life.

(part of One Shot Wednesday week 49)

21 Responses to “Cypress Sighs”

  1. brian said

    anchoring the dead in the present…though i bet they think they truly live…life and light is best served unfiltered…

  2. dustus said

    “anchoring the dead
    in the present.”

    like how that line leads into the slanting sun among light and life

  3. wow, i truly like the long and majestic reference…very creative write and also intense to gather up and contemplate….your depth and emotion sent me back to read your words again…


    • petertwo.oh said

      Thank you so much Janice. I’ve just been to your blog and enjoyed immensely your words and music. 🙂

  4. Pat Hatt said

    Wow powerful ending you brought
    Liked this one a lot
    Strong words bring out the write
    Making it from start to finish really tight

  5. missmary23 said

    I really like the movement throughout this piece. Very strong.

  6. Who is the Cypress sighing? hmm pushing up
    into a living sky
    untouched tapestry
    pushing down….very rude Peter!! very enjoyable, shocker of an ending with the F word!

    • petertwo.oh said

      I beg to differ my lady! I am never rude…well…sometimes. 🙂 I thought the f*** word was poetically justified..

  7. siubhan said

    this is gorgeous, the words as sharp as those scalpels you have there in the background (which are slightly disturbing, by the way–but in a good way). that last verse is killer, and i love the images you conjure throughout.

  8. h0ll0wd0ll said

    Beautiful writing, as always, Peter. Each image elegantly captured and the rhythm and pace of your words is perfect 🙂

  9. I love the title of this poem and how it almost reads in my mind as: Suppress(ed) (Cypress) Sighs. The Cypress tree is a symbol of mourning and I love how you work that through the poem. 🙂 I also love the usage of “saplings six feet” instead of using “under” you used “over” which to me symbolizes the cypress looming over life like the “untouched tapestry” “anchoring the dead.” & the usage of “saplings” also gets me as well since it expresses youth taking over like the never-ending cycle of life & death. Brilliant and bold symbolism, Peter! ❤

    P.S. You are forgiven for the profanity. xP

    • petertwo.oh said

      You’ve read the poem with a keen eye and you’re spot on with all your observations. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

  10. mark said

    The way in which you constructed this makes the Dead alive in a way they never imagined. Wonderful write….

  11. Jo Bryant said

    A very powerful poem that has a beautiful flow to it.

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