Tanka(s): Bitter/Sweet/Love

June 17, 2011

(The following is the second section of a three-part series of non-traditional meter tanka)


Shafts of sunlight
I lift my gaze…
motes of dust
punctuate the air
freckled stillness.

The day fades
slow and heavy
carried off
on albatross

Pulling down
on a branch
I let go
and catch
the leaves.

Leaves of words
on the ground
waiting for my breath
for life.

Words, snowflakes,
fall from a slate sky
and melt
before I can get them
on the page.

I pluck stars
from the night sky
and pin them
to the roof
of your mouth.

When I run my fingers
through your hair
I touch
the tops
of trees.

‘the sea, the sea’, she said
and I looked
at the waves
in her eyes.

The wait is over
you walk in
and I taste warm snow
your skin.

11 Responses to “Tanka(s): Bitter/Sweet/Love”

  1. “I pluck stars
    from the night sky
    and pin them
    to the roof
    of your mouth.”


  2. Peter! This is poetry I would bathe in! It’s so gorgeous, I would imagine it having the loveliest (*sweetest*) of fragrances. I’m seriously floored at how well you can paint images in the reader’s mind. I can see everything you write so clearly, and it’s always so intricate because it’s described through your feelings. Again I say it, what an extraordinary mind you have my friend, bravo bravo! <3333

    • expatinCAT said

      Excuse me while I go and get a ‘*my number one fan* badge to pin on your dress…Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. heather said

    You are a poet among men.

  4. marousia said

    I love these experiments 🙂 You ARE a tanka poet!

  5. Amazing images…so ethereal I could see it all like a beautiful dream! Love the last piece ‘The wait is over..’ setting us up for ‘Love’… can’t wait : )

  6. Heaven said

    I am in love with your poetry…ha..ha…

    Your words resonates with me… I can feel my skin crawling with your words.

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