Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife.

July 11, 2011

..an end
to waking thought
night rides her down
she slips
in somnial streams
strands of dreams
blown to depth
her beauty curved
to the angle of water
mapped by the roaring echoes
of a sea shelled
her body safe
wrapped in a figure of eight
crevice caressed
kissed to life
loved into light
a blink
her eyes wet
open to shades
of early morning grey
lips salt-slick
breath sucked in
a start..

Photograph used with the kind permission of Elisa Lazo de Valdez. See more of her stunning art photography at http://www.visioluxus.com

(entered as part of One Shot Wednesday week 54, http://onestoppoetry.com)

37 Responses to “Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife.”

  1. Wonderful titling. 🙂 I love how you convey the feeling of an ocean with lines like “lips salt-slick” very creative! There are so many soft & tight lines in this poem like “a sea shelled / (pulsing) / (flowing) / her body safe / wrapped in a figure of eight” <— J'adore! Also I like how the poem starts with entering a dream and then exiting as you use "..an end" & "a start.." Your poetry always tantalizes my senses, Peter! & the photograph is absolutely exquisite very intricate and a story all on it's own. *applauding* both Poet & Photographer. ❤

  2. Heaven said

    Agree…beautiful and creative… like how you tied it up together

  3. lori said

    beautiful picture and lovely poem 🙂

  4. Enjoying the sound play, hmm lovely…

  5. The second reading was even more delicious than the first! Wonderful writing Peter..

  6. mark said

    I truly enjoyed the ebb and flow of this. The poem has the rhythm of a body of water, lulling me to a comfortable state whilst reading.

    Truly enjoyed.

  7. Sensual, liquid loveliness here. Curvy, wet …who needs wakefulness with these images…

  8. E. Mind said

    Beautiful rhythm–an ebb/flow and a continuous stream. Soothing me with dreamy images and a silence. I am entranced.

  9. I also enjoyed the rhythm of this piece that captures so much within its’ confines. ‘Lips salt-slick, breath tucked in’ my favourite lines.

  10. ladynyo said

    This is wonderful, Peter..

    Evocative of Japanese literature….and sensuous, so much so.

    This ‘weaving’ with words is wonderful. The rhythm is like the tides…

    Lovely, lovely poetry.

    Lady Nyo

  11. Claudia said

    a-ma-zing!!!! both – poem and pic – awesome peter, awesome

  12. rasmihii said

    A really good observational piece tied to an image, but what is really jarring is the wrap up starting with “kissed to life” that takes us around to what we don’t see – her eyes.

  13. Kavita said

    There was something very enchanting and captivating about this poem… and the image you chose was simply perfect!! The lyrical nature of the poem was like icing on this cake…

    ah… salticiously good!!!

  14. Kavita said

    good god! I even misspell my self-made words!!
    I meant “SALTILICIOUSLY good!!! “

  15. Jingle said


    keep it up.

  16. Jeanne said

    dreamy and yes, I felt a bit like I was floating back and forth too! I also agree that this poem gets the senses very engaged!

  17. Amazing image and poetry, Peter. This brought to mind the prologue of the novel “The Birth of Venus”–an incredible novel set in renaissance Italy and sprinkled with history and art. Beautifully rendered.

  18. Eva Von Pelt said

    Strands of dreams…figure of eight…beautiful! As with all your pieces, I love the ending. You had me seeing her unseen pieces. Excellent piece, Peter : )))

  19. Leo said

    Sound short structure! 🙂 Lovely wordplay. Thanks for sharing.

    My One Shot ~ A Poetic World

  20. Shashi said

    The beginning was beautiful… and slowly you took me on a dream …. loved your lines…
    ‘her beauty curved
    to the angle of water
    mapped by the roaring echoes
    of a sea shelled
    Thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  21. dorianna said

    Beautiful with an ethereal quality. Absolutely mesmerizing effect as I was reading. Wonderful use of words and imagery. Stupendous work…thrill to have read such a lovely work of art. Poet and artist both to be commended.

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