July 16, 2011

Cinnamon-brown eyes
burnt sugar sweet
sticky like honey
the soft whine of blades
bumps against a net of dreams
cocooned promises
a warm future.

A hermit crab scuttles
across the moon’s full light
onto muslin-fine sand
a ship’s horn
like a church bell
faintly echoed
in beached shells
water laps the shore
that shore
so far cold now
life’s horizon adjusted.

(part of.. )

31 Responses to “Zanzibar”

  1. Beautiful imagery, Peter! …Soft whine of blades…bumps against a net of dreams…so visual.

    There is so much about sound in here…outward sounds like church bells, ship’s horn, blades, water, etc. but it feels soooo beautiful and quiet, to me.

    Gorgeous : ))

  2. the soft whine of blades
    bumps against a net of dreams
    cocooned promises

    reinforces the power of your elegiac lament

    that shore
    so far cold now
    life’s horizon adjusted

  3. Beautiful, visual, aural, textual, contextual, emotionally resonant, gentle sad waves lapping as the horizon shifts

  4. From the cinnamon brown eyes to life’s horizon adjusted, the imagry here is original, poignant, and tho sad, I’d like to be there and see that sand as fine as muslin, hear the church bells receding in the distance….and remember my own eternal memories now at sea. Lovely!

  5. Thanks for the microscopic view…

  6. Claudia said

    excellent imaginary journey…the soft whine of blades bumping against a dream net…this is an outstanding picture – i can feel this

  7. Beautiful, evocative imagery…I’m there, hearing the water lapping the shore…just lovely!

  8. Heaven said

    i love the imagery too….

    great to see you at D’verse ~

  9. Joanne Elliott aka soulsprite said

    Great images and thought provoking.

  10. hedgewitch said

    The sense of being in a boat here is strong, though never actually stated, a journey, a parting, an ending all sequenced into the eternal rounding of the surf…excellent imagery, beautiful language. Glad to have found your blog.

    • expatinCAT said

      Thank you for taking the time to visit. If I tell you that it’s about my honeymoon twelve years ago, you’ll probably read it in a different light..

  11. I’m pulled in two directions with this. One is the relaxing serene images of sea and shore. The other is a brain that can not shut off and enjoy, for the truth, the imperfect truth of life shoves in.

  12. marousia said

    You are an imagist par excellence – loved where your words took me

  13. lori said

    I always enjoy how your words tumble out. Another enjoyable read 🙂

  14. Dulce said

    Ah. I hate to say just “Love it” but that’s honest… I mean all that is connected to the sea in this subtle way-of yours, wow- moves me… it really does!

  15. the hermit crab passage stands here in paticular

  16. brian said

    this is fresh…love how you see things…and explain them…great descriptors…rich for sure…

  17. colleen said

    I can see it all as if I was there.

  18. tashtoo said

    Each and every word brought forth it’s own image, and combined, the pictures in my head were fantastic! I do apologize for taking so long to visit, but I know for me, the wait was worth it! Wonderful!

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