August 2, 2011

Body and mind
step out
of a glaring sun
the loud
of a past
that screams
in hoarse heat.

I step into
the cool shade
of knowledge
of myself
I fit this space
this time (it) fits me
as I walk into

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15 Responses to “Stockholm”

  1. claudia said

    so yours is about a city as well…never been to stockholm but would def. love to go…read a few poems and i LOVE city poems as everyone points out different angles and feelings…i liked yours peter as it describes beautifully how a city can mingle with where we stand emotionally… that’s what happened to me in rome as was a trip into my stockholm tripped into yours…

  2. I especially love the 2nd stanza ‘I fit this space
    this time (it) fits me’ ~ to feel at home & at peace is a wonderful thing..Lovely, Peter..

  3. thelinnet1 said

    I love the simplicity and depth of this lovely poem!

  4. brian said

    having that knowledge of self makes all the difference in the world. and can make any place feel much more comfortable…never been to stockholm either though would love a visit…

  5. of a past
    that screams
    in hoarse heat.

    Gripping descriptor, it amazes me what you say in so few words, each delicate petal infused with an avalanche.

  6. Shorter piece for you, but gorgeous, as usual…I love:

    this time (it) fits me

    Makes me feel happy for you : )

  7. andthedawn said

    Thought provoking…beautiful words to ruminate on. x

  8. ‘the loud lingering rays
    of a past that screams’

    A wonderfully deep poem, wrapped in a beguiling & gentle simplicity, that resonates meaning & emotion in subtle tones, but still reflects a deeper power.. the tip of an Iceberg..

  9. Tom Eliot said

    A fantastic demonstration of concise word application.
    You convey so much with just the right amount of words.

    The duality of man – mind and body – the war – the harmony.

    After the anxiety – a sense of unity.

    A very evoking piece


  10. Heaven said

    like your last lines…short yet meaningful ~

    i agree, less is more ~

  11. tashtoo said

    An amazing amount of thought is brought on by these few words, and amazing amount of power carried with them. To step into one’s self in acceptance and awareness…I could write a book on that! But…I’ve been pitching my soapbox in too many spaces not my own so I will refrain! šŸ™‚ Love how this city has brought you back to you…for better or worse

  12. C Rose said

    The acceptance in the second stanza is beautifully characterized. Wonderful write ~ Rose

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