thorns prick

August 7, 2011

Broken skin cauterised
by crocodile tears
blunted thorns.

What was left unsaid
blackened thorns
withered whispers.

I snap off a thorn
and prick my skin
heart’s wake stops.

Cut your lips crimson
on my crown of thorns
love’s sacrifice

Hair fanned
across my chest
rose petal tongued
thorned to my stem
bitten through to white.

The rose is dead but its thorns prick…

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38 Responses to “thorns prick”

  1. Powerful images of lost beauty, pain & sacrifice. A sense of an emotional limbo receeding, wounds exposed to air finally, & the beginning of healing, even if that is not fully grasped yet..a brave & fearless write

    • expatinCAT said

      The common thread was the word ‘thorn’ and all it conjures up and I suppose I wanted the language to be suitably ‘cutting’ and ‘thorny’. Thanks as always for your astute comments. *hugs*

  2. Claudia said

    ugh – tough, tight and painful write peter…

    Cut your lips crimson
    on my crown of thorns
    love’s sacrifice

  3. The pains of love lost caught with a physical image

  4. brian said

    nice…each stands well but together all the more…the first one grabbed me…and the one on love’s sacrifice bleeding white…nice…

  5. Pat Hatt said

    Really liked the last one, think to intersect wonderfully and yet work alone as well, nicely done!

  6. five kuhi circle
    grave markers to love’s demise
    snow’s osculant hush

    My language is not as elegant as yours but you’ve inspired me to concision and response through poetry to your poem, my compliments.

    • expatinCAT said

      Your own use of language and image is enviable. I feel honoured to count you among one of my regular readers/visitors.

  7. Kim Nelson said

    Thoughts 1-5:
    construction of loss

  8. Very strong images here, but I love extremes, so for me it works well. I love the softness of the rose petals and the piercing of the thorns, and the truth is they are both part of the same flower. This type of flower almost killed me in the past and I’ve been glad to take a break the last five years, but it’s complex, no ecstasy, no agony!

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  10. poemblaze said

    The second and last ones struck me as particularly good, strong.

  11. Heaven said

    I like it specially the last one.

    I wrote a nonet for my share this week. Hope you can check it out~

  12. jennifaye said

    So true. “What was left unsaid” usually cuts the deepest.

  13. Jeff said

    The glitter gone, the gold tarnished. Beyond repair?

    The economy of words and phrase sharpen the thorn.

    A nice read.

  14. naramalone said

    The words prick my subconscious with all the possibilities of meaning. Powerful write.

  15. The thorns do linger.

    So much said in these well placed words.

    Love’s sacrifice bleeds white, how I like that image.

  16. brenda w said

    I feel like exhaling roses….
    Beautiful write!

  17. siubhan said

    Sharp, vivid images. Like this a lot:
    “Cut your lips crimson
    on my crown of thorns
    love’s sacrifice

    And that last, solo line just… chilling.

  18. Kavita said

    Gosh!! Stunning (and vivid) imagery!!! The intensity was amazing… and that feeling of wistfulness was really masterfully expressed here…

  19. Gene said

    The pointed interweaving of colors and sensations is delightful here, Peter.

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