August 14, 2011

I lean my forehead
against bark
hardened in the strength
of weight in years
I embrace the ache
slow tears of sap
obey the pull
of my weakness
sliding sweetly
down the cool
an empty chair
a half-made bed
an exquisitely painful
in the mirror
my own reflection
is all I see
all I don’t want to see
I sense the sky
is almost

(part of Open Link Night #5 at

11 Responses to “Barely”

  1. Translocation of sustenance into empty space, phloem severed. Masterful.

  2. This is a beautiful poem..& a really excellent poem in terms of the art of writing..the ending ‘I sense the sky is almost blue’ has such a delicate & exquisite my opinion this is the best poem of yours so far that I have been privileged to read.

  3. My first visit, Peter. If this is an indicative of your writing, I will have to spend some time here. The subtleness of being alone, right up to even the sky feeling blue. Brilliant.

  4. A stunning piece of writing – scope expanded by your blog graphics.

    You take a traditional muse and exemplify

    Great to read your work and look forward to reading some more

  5. Marousia said

    Another stunning poem – you are an excellent imagist

  6. brian said

    wow. me likes…slow tears of sap obeying gravity…lovely imagery…well executed verse….

  7. I feel utterly depressed now… this is good, yes?

  8. Heaven said

    slow and sweet melancholy…love it ~

  9. Eva Von Pelt said

    Your beautiful words create vivid images for me. As with many of your poems, I found the ending issued a proposition of hope, which I always find comforting. Thanks for sharing such emotion : )
    – Eva

  10. Beautifully vivid, quiet. I can feel the hum of absence. Even so, a sense blue sky, of hope being there when you’re ready to look up. Well done. ~K

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