August 20, 2011

Passion oxygenated
caught between
layers of breath
heat sucked in
flame flat
vacuum blown
fabric pulled taut
time skin tight
movement accelerates
to the velocity of skin
then slows
to a sigh
of submission
on a lens.

Photograph used with the kind permission of Elisa Lazo de Valdez. See more of her stunning art photography at http://visioluxus.com

(part of Open Link Night week 6 – http://dversepoets.com )

13 Responses to “Flame”

  1. Lovely Peter, especially like ‘time skin tight’ ‘to a sigh of submission condensed on a lens’: I read a complete passionate encounter here, & the ‘flame’ as both fuel & essence..& a union between word & image as a passionate act too; great take on the photograph.

  2. expatinCAT said

    Thank you Kerry Ann. As soon as I set eyes on this photograph words started coming into my head. I wanted to capture in words what I saw – elements of movement, time, space and passion/sensuality.

  3. warm and vibrant. especially loved
    “.. breath
    heat sucked in
    flame flat”

    gorgeous work/gorgeous photo

  4. Pat Hatt said

    Wow that is quite the interesting photo. Love your take on it, great piece.

  5. Heaven said

    tight and flaming poem.. that picture looks great~

  6. brian said

    very passionate piece that progresses well throughout at a pace to match the subject…some fine word play in there as well..and enjoyable read…

  7. colleen said

    A nice duo. I like “slows to a sigh of submission” and I can almost see the dancer moving as I read your words.

  8. I was going to say a tight write, but that sounds all too easy. It’s like stretched skin, tight, but sensual and the colour adds to make it passionate.
    A lovely read.

  9. Gosh…both picture and poem work beautifully together…creating such a sensual piece. The photo is amazing I love it…and your words just enhance the experience. Great stuff! 🙂

  10. Wonderful use of pacing the words. My breath and my voice in my head slowed to a sigh by the end. ~K

  11. Gene said

    Such a strange feeling, your freezing of textures that in some ways demand motion. Love the way you brought that out of the photo.

  12. I tried to pick out one line from this to include in my comment, but it was too difficult to choose! Stunning interpretation…

  13. Eva Von Pelt said

    Your interpretation is beautiful, Peter : ) This ending blew me away….-Eva

    then slows
    to a sigh
    of submission
    on a lens.

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