Counting the tops of fir trees in late August

August 29, 2011

“Don’t think: look!” Ludwig Wittgenstein from ‘Philosophical Investigations’.

I hear Satie

The sun’s rays
through rain
a dragonfly hovers.

Clouds caress the sun
chimes smile
in the shade.

Growing awareness
the shade
of a fir tree.

The scent of cuckoo flowers
in April
I check my watch.

Whispering pines
chimes fall silent
and listen.

Crickets in the brush
I scratch yesterday’s
mosquito bites.

Ignoring the syllables
I count the number
of incense sticks.

Fresh contrails
my daughter pulls hard
on the kite strings.

White-winged moth
dirty wallpaper
full moon.

Full moon glare
the white noise
of a burning moth.

Dipping leaves in a
moving stream I look up
to a still sky.

Skimming stones across a dry riverbed…

Light fades
the last piano note

10 Responses to “Counting the tops of fir trees in late August”

  1. Beautiful small stones, Peter. I needed this today…

  2. andthedawn said

    Words that reach out and touch all the senses. Thank you. x

  3. You are spoiling us! Satie (love!) & Wittgenstein..& of course your lovely resonant images..there seems an internal discourse just hidden..beautiful..’Don’t think, Look’ ‘thinks’ looking is a form of thinking, the mind, words..Alas! Yet, perhaps still a wonderful call for clarity, uncluttered by preconceptions as far as possible, to open to perceive, receive without intent what Is..thanku Inspiring…..

  4. Love those quiet, captured moments of a relaxing vacation; peaceful observations. Thank you for bringing some of it home to share. 🙂

  5. colleen said

    It brings us into the moment, or moments with the power of sights, sounds and smells.

  6. For me, you created a wonderful beginning and ending with the idea of music and your photos. The middle was a beautiful space between notes of ‘looking’ at simple things that are really extrodinary and make life beautiful!

    I felt the moistness of the air in the shade, rain, and contrails that bled into movement of the kite, chimes, and smoke…layered with various stages of the sun and moon…wow, I really loved this!

    Thank you, Peter, for ‘looking,’ sharing, and creating such a lovely experience for me : )


  7. I like this trees/forest collection. (I also ignore syllables. The feel of the haiku/senryu is the thing. Counting a poem rather than writing it is like looking with your mouth instead of your eyes.)

  8. your words have powerful, what an admirable imagery they paint.

    Greetings: Glad to discover your blog and your poetry talent is profound.

    Poetry Rally week 51 is under the way, it would be a delight to have you in,

    A free verse or a poem of your choice is welcome!

    Bless your Wednesday!
    Hope to see you share.
    The Poetry Palace!

  9. kami haiku said

    Nice work. Especially like “yesterday’s mosquito bites.” Reminds me of Basho and those old guys.

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