September 13, 2011

Leaves layered soundlessly
chlorophyll circuitry hums
pale yellow
sucked from green
wind-brushed brown
the organic and
feed the circle square
cool air-conditioned air
letters dissolve to nought
numbers stretch to one
pixelated thoughts become clear
hard noise
as the redwood
leans in
against the forward slash
of tomorrow.

(part of Open Link Night week 9 – ย )

44 Responses to “SV”

  1. Pat Hatt said

    Great word play, “pixelated thoughts” I really liked and the ending was wonderful too, very nice.

  2. Chris G. said

    Interesting progression of image…the mix of organic and inorganic tools for fall’s capture were well wrought. The forward slash of tomorrow, eh? Hm…

  3. tashtoo said

    This piece, most of all, makes me wonder of the subject that inspired such a write. Was it person, event, my mind is left to ponder and reread…not in a bad way…to this I will return! And that’s never a bad thing…right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Heaven said

    these lines are interesting as the images are contrasting :

    letters dissolve to nought
    numbers stretch to one
    pixelated thoughts become clear

    • expatinCAT said

      Nought and one are base two, which is used in computer programming. I wanted to refer to technology in as poetic a way as possible – glad you liked those images.

  5. brian said

    ha some interesting mix of tech speak and the natural world…as if which were truely real…but i would not mind being by the real redwoods…

  6. Mama Zen said

    This is really pretty!

  7. marousia said

    Oh, this is great! I loved the fusion of the tech with nature – superb images as always

  8. This is great writing ..I liked this ‘letters dissolve to nought
    numbers stretch to one’
    Computer speak bought to life.
    A lovely, thought provoking write.

  9. Northern California, about 300 miles North of San Francisco there are a series of tiny towns that dot the landscape before you reach the border of Oregon. There the Redwood forests are largely protected in parks as wilderness areas. It’s one of my favorite places in the whole world. The forest is almost silent (without much ground cover there isn’t a great diversity of wildlife). Communion with 3000 year old beings is a phenomenal experience I can see why you’ve written of it. I too enjoyed the seamless blending of the technical, natural, and scientific. The forward slash lines are breathtaking.

  10. I found this poem beautiful and poignant, autumn waking another ‘chorophyll’ cycle, feeding the ‘circle square’, lovely interweaving where ‘letters dissolve to nought’ and ‘numbers stretch to one’ – the external nature set against the internal created, works well, & although I favour the green world, even when losing its crown, there is a great complimentary interplay here, although you do end on the Redwood ‘leaning against the forward slash of tomorrow’

    • expatinCAT said

      Thanks Kerry-ann, as always your comments are greatly appreciated. Yes…I liked that idea and image of the trees leaning into tomorrow – represented by the forward slash of our Internet/URL age…

  11. I really enjoyed the idea of “the organic and inorganic” running through this piece…interesting! The two could seems at odds, but I feel they can pair nicely.

    Love the ending…”as the redwood…sways…leans in…against the forward slash…of tomorrow.”

    You have me longing to sleep among the Redwoods : )


    • expatinCAT said

      It was difficult to get this poem started because I wasn’t sure how to bring technology and nature together in a poetic way and describe Silicon Valley in a way that satisfied me… thanks Eva!

  12. colleen said

    It really sets the stage for the coming of fall, cutting through time whether we are ready or not. I found myself wondering why letters dissolved to naught. By the way, I love how you write about nature.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • expatinCAT said

      I wanted to get across that image of numbers and letters morphing into the fundamentals of computing, which is base 2 – one and nought/zero.

  13. Ravenblack said

    Interesting blend of natural and urban images. I think this one’s gonna take a while for me to get.

  14. I’m sure this poem struck me a little different than everyone else as I live where the Sequioias grow literally in back yards and the local mental health hospital is called Sempervirens.

    • expatinCAT said

      In that case I guess it did…I liked the coincidental fact that the latin name for the redwoods is semper virens which matched the acronym for Silicon Valley…thanks very much for visiting.

  15. hedgewitch said

    Fall and Spring (strangely not usually summer and winter) are written about so exhaustively in poetry and so repetitively that poems about them are almost always suspect–yours is triumphantly exempt from all the usual color cliches and other pitfalls, the allusions to the natural process treated inventively and originally, and the last lines killer good. I sigh with the redwoods in relief and appreciation.

  16. Morning said

    enjoyed it, your words speak and dance like music.



  17. Amazing imagery! I enjoyed the feeling. Jessica

  18. Awesome imagery here. I love the last couple of lines “leans in
    against the forward slash of tomorrow.” What a wonderful mind you have ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. lovely word flow.

    love the colorfulness and richness of nature….and more..

    incredible entry.

  20. “pixelated thoughts become clear”
    love this line. The wording is very fresh in this poem.

  21. frayedges said

    I had to read this twice, but if I interpreted right, this is an awesome description of fall.

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