Dry leaves wet

September 24, 2011

Fall equinox
the gap between

I squint up
at a fuck-you blue sky
and smile
at newfound

September tears
shed leaves litter
summer’s past.

Pine needles
in a haystack
harvest moon.

The wind sighs
I stop
to inhale.

Brittle night shatters
into a blink
of stars.

Cool shadow
the sun shifts
its weight.

September bleeds
chlorophyll hemorrhage
ashen-leaved skin.

My lines

9 Responses to “Dry leaves wet”

  1. claudia said

    such beautiful images in this…thanks for painting autumn so vividly before my mind’s eyes…

  2. The way you describe the natural world is wonderful. Hard to choose a favourite line, but it would have to be:

    I squint up
    at a fuck-you blue sky
    and smile
    at newfound

    Combining the physical (squint, inhale, blink, bleed), with textures (pine needles, leaves, hay, shattered night), and elements (moon, sky, sun, wind) creates a sensory experience through these beautiful poems that could stand on their own, but thank you for putting them together!

    Lovely words, Peter : )

  3. I’m in love with this! A new favorite! Im adding uuuuuuuu! 🙂

  4. bold and elegant imagery.


    there is still time to join poets rally week 52, share and make new friends, hope to see you around.

    keep shining like a gem.

  5. caydenkeyescavanaugh reblogged this on unlockingkeyes and commented: I love his work…my newfound favorite poet. Enjoy~~

    His words give me that special intake of breath that sends chills a moment later.

  6. Jem said

    A lovely set – ones here that make me nod with familiarity, and ones that make me open my eyes a little wider at a new way of seeing things!

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