October 8, 2011

Memory is a seesaw of pain and pleasure.


      The roaring immediacy of a smile.


Tomorrow glimpsed in today’s blade.


                  Rain drowns my shadow.


Grapes bleed on broken glass lips.


‘Barely’ is a word that cuts to the bone.


The colour of unhappiness is colourless.


Twilight slits day’s wrists.


These four walls are four too many.


The long slow swallow of falling snow.


Despite myself…you.

18 Responses to “Glossospasms”

  1. A fantastic collection of lines. Each one gripping in its own way. I can’t pick a favorite–they’re all so well-crafted. xo

  2. I really responded to these as one poem, there is a gentle inter-play and progression between, and through, each individual line, that whilst they do stand on their own feet, makes for a richer experience, as a whole…appreciated the inherent ‘silence’ between each line also..a lovely read!

  3. andthedawn said

    This piece speaks to me; it whispers and shouts, caresses and cuts. Incredible feeling, vivid emotions. I love it. x

  4. Eva Von Pelt said

    All beautiful lines, but I love:
    Tomorrow glimpsed in today’s blade … and later… The long slow swallow of falling snow

    The way you’ve put these together tells me a lovely, ethereal story.

    I enjoyed the visual design of this, as well…plenty of space between lines and uneven justification gave me a feeling they went in oder, but in an abstract way. Wonderful!

  5. The Linnet said

    This is both great and scary!

  6. Beautiful, Peter …the ethereal in the pain and pleasure ‘Twilight slits day’s wrists’ Love that last line too..

  7. Memory is really a see-saw of pain and pleasure.. a very unique take on that Peter….. very gripping poem as well….. each line does seem to be a paradigm in itself…… beautifully written…..

  8. tashtoo said

    There are at least three brilliant streams presented here for us to play with. Haven’t quite decided which I prefer most, as all stand as one, and both stand alone. Tricky, Tricky!

  9. the word bar said

    The weight of emotion just fell in my eyes as I read many well crafted lines, they could almost stand as a poem unto themselves..

    “Grapes bleed on broken glass lips.”.. my favorite..

    well done…

  10. Powerfully written. The long slow swallow of falling snow….

  11. Chris G. said

    A creative trickle down of lovely little lines. Emotionally rendered.

  12. brian said

    felt….the grapes on glass lips…barely…well constructed…i like the cascade feel…

  13. The colour of unhappiness is colourless.

    Then again you could have probably guessed this would be my favorite.

  14. This poem is so well done and how it trickles down each line is so well crafted it is hard to say I love one line more than another they are all fabulous

  15. hedgewitch said

    Any one of these lines is strong enough to hold up a longer poem with its flash of immediate insight, but they really combine to produce a knockout lined up like this where they make an entity of their own..maybe it was being punch-drunk from all the preceding hits, but that last one “Despite myself…you.” really got me. Fine writing.

  16. Beth said

    barely is a word that cuts to the bone

    Each line is perfection. Together, perfection is surpassed. Incredible poetry.


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