November 15, 2011

Concise incisions
life’s flesh caressed
nodes of knowledge
etymons breathe
thought-threaded copulae
truth’s pattern freed
beauty is reflected
in a bloodied blade
the page’s bones
laid bare white not
pared down lines
the marrow of meaning
sheer to the light
of inner clarity

the caesura at the end
fills the space
I look you in the eye
with selflessness.

16 Responses to “Scalpel”

  1. when all is stripped away on the page, what else are you left with but selflessness…nice…

  2. Pat Hatt said

    Selflessness, wonderful close, have to like those moments of inner clarity, great verse.

  3. Your metaphor made me wince 🙂

  4. nice wordplay on a huge metaphor.
    good work here; job well done.
    I like what you’ve done.
    very ‘incisive’

  5. claudia said

    i’m with dark angel..your metaphor made me twice and find there’s a lot between those lines..

  6. Heaven said

    the bloodied blade made me wince.. but the last lines are perfect ~

  7. hobgoblin2011 said

    Wonderful write, great imagery and awesome metaphor. Really like your work, thanks

  8. Illuminates kerfs on the soul and a gorgeous ending. I love your new tagline :).

  9. beauty in this brevity…but the clarity within the write is quite dense; wonderful edge to this one ~

  10. Its sharp, incisive and hard hitting… I liked your lines…
    ‘beauty is reflected
    in a bloodied blade’

    Perfect imagery… and the gap before the last few lines was beautiful… Thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  11. Becky Sain said

    Wow… This is really great, the pictures swirling around my head.
    Love the ending.

  12. siubhan said

    you had me at “scalpel”… truly.

  13. The last lines read like the voice of poets. I like the contrast of the musical and medical terms. Yes, that ending is like a confession, startling and vulnerable.

  14. cutting in, through, i like how ‘etymons’ is carried forward with the original Greek meaning for ‘etumon’ : ‘true thing’ – ‘truth’s pattern freed’ as if you & truth are one, and both alive, the personification, identification throughout speaks boldly, until the ending softens…

  15. Gorgeous words, all; but, I really love:
    ‘the marrow of meaning
    sheer to the light
    of inner clarity’

    Much has been said about the ending and I will also say…beautiful! I love the endings of all your pieces. They are amazing and hopeful : )

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