Four minutes thirty-three seconds

November 22, 2011

The reader becomes the writer / the writer becomes the reader… there’s no such thing as a blank page. A homage to Cage and Rauschenberg. Use Cage’s time and Rauschenberg’s space to write (y)our poem.













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16 Responses to “Four minutes thirty-three seconds”

  1. you’ve given me something to research today at the library…
    merci ~

  2. ha. yes, i like your creativity and message in this…

  3. Shawna said

    It was ’61 when we stepped
    into the gap between


    and life

    to paint
    white and clean,

    one black line
    running between
    loud and noiseless,

    sounding like a song
    we actually wrote


  4. hobgoblin2011 said

    Excellent. The empty space, the call to response. Nice. The meaning is probably much deeper than I’ve read into it, I’ll have to research the cited reference, and perhaps that will shade my interpretation that much more, yet even without that knowledge I like the idea in that opening line(s) and the emptiness beneath the tightly-formatted wording is immense in it’s voice. Thanks

  5. Listen
    to the quiet panel
    to hear

    at the white noise
    to see

    the beauty of nothingness; surrounding.

    So creative, Peter! Rauschenberg is one of my favourite artists, but particularly from that innovative time period. Your post would have fit in well : )

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. tashtoo said

    It’s a white poem! My response is to simply let your many layers of light shine through…or perhaps i should write a black poem…Love this! Thank you 🙂

  7. I love this, though the response is longer than four minutes thirty-three seconds :).

  8. claudia said

    this is really cool…clever and creative..i like!!

  9. Thanks for the inspiration.. I enjoyed it a lot…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  10. Four minutes and thirty-three seconds. I take this as a challenge so I’ve set my timer.

    Each day rises as the day before
    and as each day will in my near future,
    with time stretched out like miles and miles
    of stalled traffic before night can fall,

    the weight of the world pressing,
    burden growing with each phone call,
    with each bill that arrives with the daily mail,
    with increasing demands from those
    who don’t understand that the task of living
    sometimes takes precedence over sharing smiles,

    and that occasionally, these shoulders carry so much
    that there isn’t much of one left to offer to another.

    plodding forward,
    each footfall balancing
    one more step,
    only this one,
    until steady enough to begin
    the next great stride in the right direction.

    If you meet me along the way
    and hear a weary welcome,
    understand that this load is mine to bear,
    that I will gladly shoulder more if you are in need,
    and that when I reach the end of the day,
    my strength will promise to see me to the next.

    Forgive my weaknesses.

    (Thank you, Peter)

  11. Smart! Space the reply……..

  12. two hundred and seventy-three units of essence of anything and everything 🙂 i think Cage would have agreed 🙂

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