Nowhere’s weight

December 14, 2011

Beckett's grave at Montparnasse cemetery, Paris

His name is
weighed down by marble
the wait for
the end to
in words polished
nowhere now
nowhen never.

(Samuel – from the Hebrew name Shemu’el, which could mean ‘name of God’ or ‘God has heard’…His name is…)

9 Responses to “Nowhere’s weight”

  1. Lovely photos and words, Peter!

    ‘the wait for / the end to’ reminding me of Waiting for Godot, as well as the wait…to die.

    ‘nowhere now / nowhen never’ reminding me of ‘anywhere and nowhere.’

    I like how you’ve honored Beckett’s writing and also created your own expression : )

    It all makes my mind spin in a wonderful way…thank you!

  2. hedgewitch said

    There’s almost a physical weight to this that reinforces the words. The conceptual wordplay is most effective, especially for this subject.

  3. nice…love the play in
    nowhere now
    nowhen never

    the now throws the surrounding words into multiple meanings…

  4. Laurie Kolp said

    Powerful and strong piece… I enjoyed it!

  5. zongrik said

    weighing, like waiting…for Godot, had to say it 🙂

  6. Joe Hesch said

    Ambrose Bierce, in The Devil’s Dictionary, described a cemetary as a place where poets “write at a target.” You’ve hit your taarget here, Peter. Tight, thoughtful and creative language. Great piece.

  7. ~L said

    deep. intriguing… talent!

  8. siubhan said

    heavy words.

    “nowhere now
    nowhen never.”


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