at 79 rue de Varenne

January 4, 2012

Green grows thick
beneath leaden feet
August’s ache
copper coin moon’s
in argent tears
yesterday’s sun
below the curve
I lean in
breath’s soft hammer
and kiss
the cold comfort
of mute marble
of a happy loneliness.

8 Responses to “at 79 rue de Varenne”

  1. Happy loneliness, an odd contentment but entirely understandable. Love your poetry.

  2. hmm the simplicity, solidity of marble, of the happy lonelines, that singularity brings, I like the central imagery here, the verdant life is still all around, the green growing thick, those elemental signifers, emotional planets, the sun, the moon, and yet the marble still deserves to be kissed.. (I love Rodin btw)

  3. Claudia said

    i like how you embrace loneliness… the kissing of comforting cold, the texture of smooth marble in the summer heat works well..

  4. if you can be lonely and happy more power to you…some niceimagery and contrast in your textures…i like…

  5. Eva Von Pelt said

    Ahhh, Rodin’s The Kiss? Oh, to experience it in person…sighhhh…

    I like this so much, Peter; it is one of my new favourite pieces of yours : )

    The natural elements (copper/silver/moon/sun/marble) I also find as contrasting textures, like shiny and matt, warm and cold. Some of the elements touch us from the sky and some we touch here like what comes from the ground.

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  6. siubhan said

    breath’s soft hammer: exquisite. and the “happy loneliness”… yes; yes.

  7. Kim Nelson said

    You give the reader a unique moment, experiencing the fountain, the statue, the Rodin Museum through a completely different sensual avenue. I read again just to see how different that marble looked second-go-round.

  8. meiro said

    I lean in
    breath’s soft hammer
    and kiss
    the cold comfort
    Love this lines

    Great one!!!

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