the miles melt

February 22, 2012

these insomniac stars
the miles melt
in plural light
the raw rush of darkness
between blinks
trees beat
vectors held in a glance

the power of silence
a throat split
echoes of feeling

angels of mercy
shed quicklime tears
this moment

your reflection
in the windscreen
soft rain the colour
of broken glass.

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13 Responses to “the miles melt”

  1. You bring together such diverse elements almost like a cubist painting. They work to augment each other.

  2. it is like a cachophony of imagery & thoughts melded into a mosaic…smiles…i like the stanza on silence the best i think…and the last…the reflection paired with broken glass….

  3. hedgewitch said

    The mood is sweeping blind through darkness, thoughts under the wings that support or twist, emotions bleeding through a dark bandage…anyway, I liked this very much.

  4. this is V honed and tight as you like – pulled me in and spat me out.

    V established voice and sharp shapes, quickly constructed are created in my mind as i enjoy this read 🙂

  5. shed quicklime tears… love that line, dig the use of quicklime and what it conjures ~

  6. Good to read a ‘Peter poem’, & a solid write too, I enjoyed the tree matrix, I was in the car with you, seeing ‘the beat’ between the “blinks’ the ‘vectors’ a strong visual reference for night time driving, & nicely turned metaphorical..a very dreamlike experience.

  7. Just to add..I found the silencing visual imagery powerful, I felt a forboding visceral charge..& the close ‘soft rain, the colour of broken glass’ is both raw & delicate at the same time..

  8. tashtoo said

    have to mimic Velvetinapurrs…loved the soft rain against the cutting words (pun intended) the colour of broken glass. Could repeat the whole piece back and say I loved it…but that really stuck with me. The simplicity of the word play means the power of the statement is quite overwhelming. Fantastic!

  9. I like what someone above said …is like a painting, raw like.

  10. Oh, so nice to you see you, Mr. Expat! : ))

    This pulled me in from the beginning with the light and dark reference. Strong colours, textures…I felt silence, but for the quiet brush of trees and drip of quicklime tears…like a quiet tin. Very ethereal, for me.

    Absolutely gorgeous…

  11. bajanpoet said

    I been reading it over and over… hard to pick one particular image I like 😀

  12. […] “the miles melt”    by   expatinCAT […]

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