February 29, 2012

I taste the sea
through eyes
marble tear-pricked
longing stained in years
and the light between
shall fade
as I try not
to blink

crescendo’s caesura
the notes are carried away
on a starling’s wings.

7 Responses to “texture”

  1. nice flow and nice imagery…not tying them together well on my end…i do like the taste of the sea, through the eyes is an interesting twist…tears, not blinking, ..a pause at the culmination…the notes carried away like seed to be spread by the starlings…i am just talking it out….eh will think on it…regardless nice flow….

  2. claudia said

    this has a nice musical feeling…flowingly first..then moving into a crescendo…i like

  3. What beautiful images…and, a tantalizing puzzle! As if in a dream, I can see very old marble pillars of the Forum with light shining through…but, perhaps it’s mausoleum ‘and the light between shall fade’…hmm…not sure!

    Based on your tags, I would say this has something to do with The Belly of an Architect. Although one of Greenway’s films is among my favourites, I have not seen this one, but I’m very familiar with, and love the music. Each piece from this soundtrack ends very abruptly, which brings me to your gorgeous ending:

    crescendo’s caesura
    the notes carried away
    on a starling’s wing.

    I really love this one : )

  4. I have been absent and as I returned to read your offering, I realized what I have been missing.

    There is a beautiful, cherished sorrow, the saline burn of tears, tasting. The ending is breathtaking. I must return more often. 🙂 Bravo on a wonderful sharing.

  5. hypercryptical said

    Beautiful words, beautifully composed.

    Anna :o]

  6. yelena said

    resonant poetry yours is. there’s descent and ascent at the same time in your words, and this speaks to me. glad to have discovered your blog.

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