May 9, 2012

aphotic wet
sliding beneath
a copper-tinged horizon
the sweet taste
of nacre
a well’s gaping lips
the sign of the cross
slowly traced
silence swells
the quiet noise
of relinquishment
becomes time’s owner

(w/49 )

3 Responses to “omphalos”

  1. need to think on the meaning of this…but i really like how you touch each sense and in vivid ways….simplicity though is something i crave

  2. Stunning, Peter. The beauty of Eros and your compelling use of metaphor makes this one of my favourites of yours. You took me to the space of center. Truly amazing ; )

  3. Chazinator said

    Your poem calls up those echoing deeps where life its birth and regeneration, powerfully stark, like the simplicity evoked in the last line.

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