May 22, 2012

keen the gull
wheeling cries
trickles down branches
a percussive past
the recollection
of that then
pierces this now


8 Responses to “resonance”

  1. Sounds like echoes of a traumatic experience,
    or at least dramatic.

    “percussive past” = thunderous phrase!

  2. sometimes those echoes of the past do pierce the now no matter how hard we try to stay in the moment…that is for sure…smiles..

  3. the past does indeed trickle and pierce the present ~ nice tight write ~

  4. joanbarrettroberts said

    Peter ~ I always enjoy your words! Love this play on hearing now ~ letting nature in by listening for its calls ~.

  5. I really like this – one small change would help though I think. Since most of the rest of this “feels as though” it is in present tense, I think it would be more “immediate” to change “blurred” to blurs. That’s just my reading of it. It would agree with “trickles” and put you in the head of the writer.

    • expatinCAT said

      Thanks Gay. In fact, I used ‘blurred’ as an adjective to refer to ‘branches’, but I also like your reading of it in the present tense. 🙂

  6. Inspired by your citing of the dVerse link, I read this all smooshed together and in one breath; awesome! Loved it ; ))

  7. Umesh Rao said

    I could feel my ‘percussive past’ in your words!
    Wonderfully written 🙂

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