August 21, 2012

layers of colour
shades of skin
time’s needle lies beneath
threading moments
space is pricked
and the blood of knowledge
wells up

memory’s scar tissue
still shines
as clouds skim
across a colourless sky

life’s rainbow
slowly unravels
I languish
in velleity.

(openlinknightweekfiftyeight http://dversepoets.com/  )

7 Responses to “pigment”

  1. yelena said

    that was awesome..your poetics stir..sharp and emotive. love the lines about clouds skimming across a colourless sky~

  2. Peter, Memory’s scar tissue is an excellent expression. We heal yet there is always a toughened part that combined with our existence, creates unique beauty. Live in the now. So good to read you again. I’ve been absent too long.

  3. nice…i like the progression fromt eh thread to lifes scar tissue which i take as cloth and ultimately the rainbows….

  4. Beautiful words and images. I see ‘life’s rainbow’ unravelling, slowly, like colourful, silk ribbons…gorgeous!

  5. rmp said

    beautiful imagery. I enjoyed the flow your created from one stanza to the next; the way everything is stitched together, stretched over time and then unravels.

  6. hedgewitch said

    The image of the needle very nuanced, the pain most intense when least expected, and nothing shinier than scar tissue. After great upheaval there comes this sort of lassitude–an invalid thing. Fine, intensely evocative poem.

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