September 29, 2012

when I dropped the shell
the waves crashed
a stained-glass sea
the white noise
of slow acceleration
blood bled thick
from a heart as pure
as a memory of snow
in summer

(64th week at )

6 Responses to “denmark”

  1. Brilliant! Well written 🙂

  2. Beautiful…an amazing piece and I could feel the emotion through your use imagery. Love it!

  3. when I dropped the shell, the waves crashed

    incredible imagery. This is rich, Peter. It feels melancholic, a little sad but willing to see the beauty.

  4. ha some really cool contradicitons and contrasts in this….but then again it adds to the feel….

  5. Denmark – (I think of a certain prince.) This has a very northern melancholic aspect, well done. k.

  6. hypercryptical said

    Wonderful imagery.

    Anna :o]

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