late august’s early fall

August 27, 2013

draw in
as summer’s colours
to fall


leaves fall
in august
that ‘no’ still echoes
the waning sun


Cape Cod
through the rain
my mouth is dry


old love letters
yesterday’s candle wax


9 Responses to “late august’s early fall”

  1. poemblaze said

    fine little collection. love the contrast of having a dry mouth in the rain.

  2. nice…i really like the last one….the rereading the old love letters….yesterdays wax…and that too can play into the autumn imagery…hopefully the leaves of that relationship fertilize the next….

  3. yelena said

    loved this, the second and last ones are favorites. powerful poetry in few words.

  4. Very nice collection of verse. Two would be my favourite though. The third line just gets me.

  5. Poignancy (somewhat delicious) of nostalgia very clear here. Thanks much. k.

  6. Talicha J. said

    very nice piecing this together 🙂 I enjoyed your work!

  7. Interestingly, as I read this, “The Way We Were” was playing. Your poem just makes that song sound sappy and maudlin – your poem,however, expresses longing so much better.

  8. Lovely:) I miss the Cape in Fall!

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