Name: Peter

On Twitter: @expatinCAT

and @tessellatedme {jagged}; @mysilvertongue {ragged}

Location: the OC (Old Continent).

Trying to get my head round what it means to be me at the ‘meridian’ of my life. How I fit this space and this time fits me. Writing is a form of expression that allows me to do it.

Published poems: *Zanzibar* in Symmetry Pebbles Issue 2

Several Haiku and senryu in upcoming journals of the British Haiku Society

Likes: …writing, poetry, haiku, art, American fiction, thinking, business, beauty, music, philosophy, physics, natural history, mathematics, writing… Registered & Protected

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Jemfyr said

    Thank you for visiting me and commenting on my poetry: ‘The Sterling Rose Sky’very kind of you!

    I am enjoying reading at your site! Are you on twitter? Have I missed your @ name?


    • petertwo.oh said

      Hi Jem, thanks for leaving a comment here. Much appreciated. In fact, you know me… I’m @expatinCAT! So there you go, mystery solved… See you around Jem, // Peter.

  2. Peter, I have nominated you and your incredibly beautiful, sensual and inspiring poetry for The Versatile Blogger Award ❤

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