Biz Haiku 10

September 14, 2010

About Schmidt: Google
‘goggles’ at its own success.
As good as it gets?

The B in BRIC is
on everybody’s lips. growth.
See you in Rio!

Capitalism got
stoned on its own excesses.
Now it’s in rehab.

One day Moodswings, PoorStandards
& Filch’ll get it right. (Right?)

Google engineers
encyclopedia of us
@t the speed of light.

Talk about sluggish!
Economy grew at a
snail’s pace in Q2.

Ben raises the stakes
in Kansas Hold’em. Ace
in the (Jackson) Hole.

Papa Microsoft
wants us to believe that for
Apple the bell tolls.

Hurd has the last laugh.
HP board with egg on its face –
big smile on Larry’s.

Stephen Elop(e)s from
Microsoft to turn around
Ailing Nokia.

Biz Haiku 8

June 29, 2010

Wayward Hayward puts
his foot in it again as
US bays for BP blood.

Osborne axes FSA
BoE comes up trumps with King
as financial czar.

R.I.P. – MJ
post mortem makes a billion
bucks: wealth after death?

G force! Übama,
Cam & co. sort out world in
Toronto pow-wow.

Ban on naked shorts?
Banks pull yer SOX up! Not
out of the Woods yet…

Biz Haiku 7even

June 14, 2010

Pru’s rise in the East’s
cut short; says sayonara
to AIG’s Asian biz.

Apple 4 unveiled:
pretty sleek, but whoa! Android’s
starting to look cool.

Übama drills BP
CEO. Lashing out won’t
staunch the flow. Cap that!

SEC’s Schapiro gets tough,
the writing’s on the Wall St
in flashcrashbacklash.

Q: will Obama’s
‘USS We Can’ run aground in
Gulf of Mexico?

Stimulus versus
austerity in clash of
economic thought.