February 29, 2012

I taste the sea
through eyes
marble tear-pricked
longing stained in years
and the light between
shall fade
as I try not
to blink

crescendo’s caesura
the notes are carried away
on a starling’s wings.


July 3, 2011

Michelangelo's Pieta

Hewn from Carraran flesh
washed by a winter sun
polished porous pity
a death given life, still
silicate smooth
MAnmade lines
carrying thought
comes to be
the subject
of an inanimate object.
A son’s cold flesh untouched
a mother’s hand slack stone
unsullied sorrow
in a natural face
devout hardness
flowing weight
obeying gravity’s pull
stubborn science;
a full heavy heart
compassion : submission
hymen hymn
a beautiful bloodless hole
his stigmata
his sacrifice
unseeing eyes
heaven’s angle uncrossed
hope sublime

Painting Holes.

February 13, 2011

'The painter of the hole' by George Grosz

Painting holes
and more holes…
meaningless nothingness.

'Lovesick' by George Grosz

Red heart on black
blue velvet pistol
lovesick lassitude.
Stick men
hanging from
the tree of life.

'The City' by George Grosz

Blood-flecked fiery mayhem
lurching featureless faces..
apocalypse then.

'Going to work' by George Grosz

Under a daffodil-yellow sky
in a blue cold
lines of workers
into grey factories.